media auditing and analysis


Media Auditing

isd performs media audits for clients who want to assess and improve the quality and value of their media delivery.

While media spend represents one of the largest expenses advertisers face, there are often insufficient controls in place to ensure that campaigns actually run as planned and purchased. A media audit is a major financial tool for marketers to maintain oversight into their agency relationships.

isd’s media audits help clients improve transparency, performance and accountability across the entire and extended marketing organization

With a scientific, data-driven approach to addressing these issues, isd’s media audit provides a process pathway and line-by-line accounting of what actually runs against the buy, and all the way back to client-approved in-going goals, guarantees and guidelines.

As part of an audit, isd may evaluate:

 A buy against the buying guidelines to ensure that buys are ordered in compliance with:

 Executed invoices against the guidelines.

  • Post executed invoices and compare to both goal and buy specifications.
  • Compare individual spots to guidelines and mark incorrectly aired spots.
  • See Post-buy Analysis

 Executed invoices against the buy to understand how accurately each station executed the order.

Our audits identify discrepancies that generate refunds for our clients and also increase future media efficiencies.

isd media audits are more than a good post-measurement tool. In the course of our audit, we analyze how media plans and buys are briefed, developed, approved, executed and tracked. We identify gaps or process breakdowns that introduce risk or inefficiencies, help streamline and standardize processes and procedures, and improve inter-company and inter-agency communications.