media auditing and analysis



Traditional marketing programs lead with general audience campaigns and develop ethnic marketing programs separately.

The "General Market" as we once knew it has forever changed. Multi-cultural audiences are an integrated part of the general audience. In the top 20 U.S. markets, more than half of the population of people aged 18 to 44 are multi-cultural. This is happening right now in arguably one of the most important age demographics; and one that potentially shapes the success of any national campaign.

Rather than looking at ethnic audiences and the general audience as silos, isd’s Multi-Cultural analysis models the individual and collective delivery from all planned television schedules both nationally and at the local level providing a more integrated, holistic and collaborative view of multi-cultural marketing across the entire population.

Eliminating silos between segments — at least during the learning and planning phases — provides critical insight into the unintended impact of siloed buys and affords opportunities for unforeseen synergies to better inform decisions around strategy, budget allocation and versioning considerations.