media auditing and analysis



The isd team comprises over 130 years of collective experience in media measurement, analysis and auditing.

Our leadership includes technology and media industry executives with experience in developing exceptional technology solutions and growing great companies.

Aaron Conti, President and Owner

With more than 25 years of media auditing experience and more than 35 years experience in software development, Aaron has designed and implemented solutions for some of the world’s biggest advertisers. He is especially skilled at helping clients generate an ROI for their media buy. Aaron also conducts workshops and develops solutions for agencies to better manage their media buys and satisfy their clients’ diverse reporting requirements.

George Searle, Chief Executive Officer

George has started, acquired, financed and led several technology-based ventures through startup, growth and sale. As CEO of Mediaguide, he designed, developed and implemented the most technologically advanced media monitoring system to analyze millions of hours of broadcast and produce real-time information products for advertisers, media, performing rights and entertainment companies.

Previously George worked at two Department of Defense think tanks, where he advised the Offices of the Secretary of Defense, U.S. Air Force and other agencies in the development, acquisition, launch and operation of various national security satellites. George earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and a master’s degree in Applied Mechanics from the California Institute of Technology.